Colonel B.K. Dhupar (Retd)

M.Sc, LLB, PSc C.M.D.

Col Dhupar is the promoter founder of SWIFT GROUP of Companies. After a long & illustrious career with the Indian Army, he ventured into raising & establishing a state of the art professional Security Enterprise, in keeping with the highest standards of professionalism, training & ethics of the Army. Under his deeply committed passion, untiring efforts & a missionary zeal, the SWIFT GROUP has indeed witnessed a meteoric rise in the corporate world in such a short span of time. Today the Company name is synonymous with highest perfection coupled with stellar efficiency in providing surveillance & security to large Establishments both in the Public & private Sectors. The Company has a Pan India presence of his highly trained, motivated & committed security personnel providing round the clock vigilance & physical security various Corporate. The SWIFT Empire over the years has diversified into Real Estate, Facility Management, surface Transport, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals & Coal Transportation.

Nitin Dhupar


Nitin Dhupar , son of Col Dhupar , is the managing Director of the Company. He is a versatile, dynamic & deeply motivated professional who aims for utmost perfection & professionalism all around. He has been the driving force behind the spectacular success achieved by the Company in such a short span of time. With his wide ranging experience & on the ground knowledge of the Security Industry, SWIFT GROUP has achieved impeccable standards in operational performance & has reached an unassailable position in the market with a shinning Brand Value. He possesses excellent leadership qualities & with his participative style of leadership has kept all the employees in a high state of motivation & performance. Under his stewardship, the Company continues to take long strides in achieving still greater heights of fame & glory.


Joint Managing Director

Mrs Nitika Khanduri, Daughter of Colonel Dhupar is the Joint Managing Director of the SWIFT GROUP of Companies. Deeply committed & inspiring by nature, Ms Khanduri with her sharp intellect & vision has enthused the entire Group with a sense of mission & accomplishment of a very high order. A thorough professional, she discharges her multifarious responsibilities with dignity & élan. She has therefore earned the respect & admiration of all the employees including the field staff. Her participative style of leadership & management by consensus has yielded rich dividends & has made the SWIFT GROUP into a well knit, cohesive & decisive team ready to meet the challenges of the Security Industry in the 21 st Century. She remains steadfast in improving the working conditions of all the employees particularly the security guards. The welfare of the families of all the employees of the Group is also very close to her heart. Her humane, firm & friendly approach keeps the entire SWIFT team deeply motivated & result oriented.

Col. A.K. Mehta (Retd)

Regional Manager Operations NCR

Col A.K. Mehta, (Retd) Is a well known security expert, particularly for Malls, Showrooms, Hospitals, Cineplexes and Big establishments. A highly dedicated Army Officer, he has a vast experience in HR and management. He excels in motivating his men by personal example. He is one of the oldest members of Swift Group who has made outstanding contribution in the progress of the company. Presently he is the Regnl Head of Operations for NCR.

Col. R.S. Randhawa (Retd)

Regional Head-North India Operation CR

Col P S. Randhawa (Retd) was commissioned into the elite regiment of the “Brigade of the Guards”. He had a checkered career in the Armed Forces which spanned 21 years. His skills were nurtured and honed in the art of warfare. He has taken part in all operations and was erudite in administrative and training methods. A flamboyant and dynamic personality who has held both instructional and administrative appointments. He belongs to a family of Punjab Chiefs whose four generations have served Armed Forces and the country. The image of the company has been greatly enhanced in the Region due to his dint of hard work and determination. The swift enterprise in the North has been his brainchild due to his varied experience in security and facility management. His expertise in Industrial Safety Security and Fire Protection management with innovative ideas and aptitude have served as an asset to the organization.

V.P Kad

General Manager P&A

VP Kad is a dynamic General Managerwith Swift Group. Mr Kad, a post graduate in personnel management has more than 30 years of experience in general administration, Insurance and other legal matters. He has many achievements to his credit prominent among them being resolving disputed cases of recovery. He is the driving force behind the company’s discipline and man management. With his contribution we hope to take the company to new heights in the realm of personnel management.

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